1. I am 3rd B.Pharmacy student, Am I eligible to be a part of quiz team?

Ans: Yes you are eligible. Any student from 3rd or 4th B.Pharm. and/or 3rd or 4thPharm.D can form a team of 4 students. They can be from a single class or mixture of classes

2. In our college we are 8 students and all are interested to participate in quiz, shall we form 2 teams

NO. Only one team of 4 students is allowed from one college. That team must be authorized by the Institute head or Principal.

3. What is the last date to apply for quiz?

Ans: Teams should enroll their names by online registration on/before the last date mentioned at registration page.

4. Where I have to apply for quiz?

Ans: You are just a click away after filling online form. It is completely online registration. You have to fill all your team members' particulars and upload soft copy of authorization letter from your Principal/ Institute head. That completes your registration.

5. What is the entry fee or registration fee to participate in quiz?

Ans: There is NO registration fee. IPA-69th IPC is organizing this National Pharma Quiz at free of cost to encourage young Pharmacy students in India. So, utilize the opportunity. This is not linked to IPC registration.

6. What is the syllabus for quiz?

Ans: It is purely a Pharma Quiz, so the syllabus will be within Pharmacy subjects and Pharmacy related knowledge.

7. How shall I attempt Preliminary round?

Ans: Preliminary round is online based exam. It is scheduled on 5th November 2017, Sunday from 10 AM to 11 AM. You have to attempt the online exam from your place following all given instructions at that time, no need to come anywhere.

8. When we will get the username and password to attempt online preliminary round?

Ans: We will send the username and password just 2 days before the preliminary online exam date.

9. We are 4 students in a team, how shall we attempt preliminary round?

Ans: 4 students form as a single team, your team will be given one username and password. All your team members (4 students) have to stay infront of one computer/laptop and have to answer the questions. You should NOT open the exam in multiple computers/laptops/systems which will lead to blockade of your account and your team will be rejected from quiz.

10. How will be the pattern of preliminary round?

Ans: It is an online exam for 1 hour. In one hour, 80 questions are to be answered. Each question will be displayed for 45 seconds only. There are 5 marks for each correct answer, 2 negative marks (-2) for each wrong answer and no marks for unattempted question. You will get your score immediately once the time up. However, overall merit list will be announced officially on next day of exam on this website.

11. When will we get the score of preliminary round and details about whether we are qualified in prelims or not?

Ans: You will get your score immediately once the time up for online exam. However, overall merit list will be announced officially on next day of exam on this website.

12. If I start my preliminary exam late, what will happen?

Ans: You will get your score immediately once the time up for online exam. However, overall merit list will be announced officially on next day of exam on this website.

13. Where should I come for semi-finals, if I got selected in preliminary round?

Ans: Semi-finals and finals will be organized at Visakhapatnam city. If your team got selected in preliminary round, then you have to plan for your arrival at Visakhapatnam to face the quiz as per the given date. The quiz timings will be from 8 AM to 6 PM.

14. Will you pay the transport and accommodation allowances for semi-finals and finals?

Ans: NO. We won't pay any allowances for your transport or accommodation. However we will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner for all the selected 15 teams on the day of semi-finals and finals. However, Top 15 teams will be awarded each team Rs. 5,000/- cash award in addition to excellence certificates. This is in addition to the Prizes announced for Top 3 teams in Finals.

15. Is authorization letter compulsory? How to submit it?

Ans: YES. Authorization letter is compulsory. A team of 4 students must be authorized from Principal or Head of the institute. We have given Proforma (model) in our quiz structure page. Get it printed on letter head of the college, fill it, get it signed by Principal/Head, get it stamped, scan it (either as .jpeg or .pdf format) and upload it along with your online registration. There is a "Browse" option at the end of online registration page to upload your authorization letter.

16. If I have still some doubts, whom should I contact?

Ans: You are most welcome to contact us. You can contact our team members: Mr. Uma Sankar (08500444400) or Mr. Sai (09550458351) over phone or can mail us: Feel free to contact us to clarify any of your doubts related to quiz and we will be happy to serve you better.